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Old Fangs(2009)- Adrien Merigeau / Cartoon Saloon

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When a white teenager named Steve Lohner was stopped by the police last month and refused to show his ID after carrying a loaded shotgun on the streets of Aurora, Colorado (the same city where a mass murderer killed 12 people and injured 70 others in a packed movie theater in July 2012), the teen walked away with nothing but a citation.

But when a 22-year-old black kid named John Crawford picked up a mere BB gun in a Walmart store in Dayton, Ohio last week, customers called the police, who then shot and killed him.

Here lies a racial disparity that’s difficult for honest people to ignore. How can black people openly carry a real gun when we can’t even pick up a BB gun in a store without arousing suspicion? The answer in America is that the Second Amendment doesn’t really apply to black people.


Keith Boykin, "Does the Second Amendment Only Apply to White People?" (via holygoddamnshitballs)

True, anyone who’s been paying attention knows this. The only time you can get gun control passed in this country is when politicians start seeing POC walking around freely with guns.

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I made a new friend today, literally


I made a new friend today, literally

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johnconley asked: "The only plausible explanation for these findings is that a considerable number of transoceanic voyages in both directions across both major oceans were completed between the 7th millennium BC and the European age of discovery." I'm sorry, but that's some of the stupidest shit I've ever heard. From an academic standpoint, the mere idea of ancient Egyptian sailors visiting the western hemisphere is laughable right off the bat. Do you really believe this stuff?




I always really wonder what kind of reaction people are expecting when they send messages like this. Are my feelings supposed to be hurt? It’s not like I wrote that paper.

I don’t even have to check; the quoted sentences are from an article from the Sino-Platonic papers, related to the Warring States Project at University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The whole point of the project and the format change of the publication to open access was as a challenge to academic gatekeeping, with a focus on unconventional research.

If anyone would like to read all 273 pages of Scientific Evidence for Pre-Columbian Transoceanic Voyages to and From the Americas by John L. Sorenson and Carl L. Johanssen, you can do so.

Not sure where you’re getting the “ancient Egyptian sailors” thing from. But it’s a sad academic world indeed if saying that no one ever traveled across the Atlantic ocean in this particular 2,000+ year span, NO EXCEPTIONS EVER!!! is perfectly reasonable, but saying that it’s possible that someone may have done so since that is a massive amount of time is “laughable”.

But hey, who am I to challenge the assumptions and easily-memorized generalizations you’ve accrued in your undergrad education? I’m sure you’ll go quite far without ever questioning what you’ve learned from your textbooks, which of course could never possibly have some kind of agenda like a free tumblr blog does. ;) Yay! you win! Enjoy your life full of self-satisfaction over your extremely narrow, yet widely accepted worldview.


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The beautiful Shantrinas with blue hair.

OH MY GOD WHAT??!!!!!!?



The beautiful Shantrinas with blue hair.

OH MY GOD WHAT??!!!!!!?


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~ fro appreciation ~

( the hand-in-hair syndrome is too real )

This is making me miss my big hair 😩

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Just being a care free black girl.( This book was about growing your own reefer i was genuinely captivated)
 photographed by : islandboiphotography


Just being a care free black girl.( This book was about growing your own reefer i was genuinely captivated)

 photographed by : islandboiphotography

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The 8 laws of Foreshadowing - Now Novel →

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You thought I was just another bubble-headed blond bimbo! Well, the joke’s on you, 'cause I'm not even a real blonde.

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Miranda Mercury

Miranda isn’t exactly a new character. Archaia released the first and only issue of The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury a few years ago, but there were a number of unfortunate events and obstacles that temporarily shelved it.

In an interview, the creator was asked if he knew in the beginning if this character would be black. His response:

Brandon Thomas: Oh, absolutely, she was always black, and part of the reason I created the character was to challenge me as a writer, and really to challenge the industry I was working in. At the time I was feeling a little stifled and that I wasn’t getting the opportunities I wanted, so there came a time when I just had to go out and create the kind of comic that I would enjoy writing, and hopefully, that others would enjoy reading. The mission statement is that Miranda Mercury would never stop moving, never stop trying to improve the world she lived in, and that if I was going to keep up, I had to embrace something similar.

And as a black writer, the portrayal of characters of color, the advancement of creators of color and even the advancement of female creators, is all something I have a very personal stake in. Sci-fi and comics have become a bit notorious for having a lack of true representation, and maybe making Miranda a third-generation science hero, the product of a long line of black adventurers, was over correcting a bit, but it felt right in this case. In the universe Miranda lives in, no one cares that she’s black; it doesn’t come up. There is prejudice and intolerance, but it’s not always about skin color, and there’s no such thing as “black superheroes,” and I thought that was perfect.

Miranda Mercury is about celebrating and achieving the impossible, and I knew with that mandate, it was something I could write forever, and a project whose only limits were my own.

 The fact that the heroine is dying from an incurable virus also hooks you right away.

Miranda is the personification of drive, determination, and selflessness, which came from what her family instilled in her at a very young age. 

Miranda is at the young age of ten as she saves a planet with the help of the Mercury family. Then we jump years ahead where she and her right-hand man Jack Warning are attempting to keep a cosmic genie that is trapped in a very complex Rubik’s cube-like device from hitting the black market. Here is where we find out that Miranda is actually on borrowed time, and that Jack is determined to see that she gets more of it. Ferguson also uses this story to lay out some great character building with Miranda and Jack that puts this story over the top. I also like the way he writes Jack who we know is her sidekick, but he’s given a very prominent role and is just as entertaining to read. From here on, Miranda is betrayed by a lifelong friend, fights Time Raiders, is framed for murder, tortured, and has to deal with the death of her grandfather, the great James Mercury. His origin is probably one of the strongest written parts of the book as it’s more character driven and culminates in a great finale.

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